What are my options for shipping?

All ready to ship orders ship within 3 days. 
Please allow 1-2 weeks for permanent collection orders.
Every order ships Flat Rate  with USPS and are insured for their total amount, unless specifically requested. 

How do I care for my pieces, I hear brass and sterling silver tarnish? 

Each order ships with a detailed care card and Sunshine cloth to polish and clean your brass and sterling silver pieces.
All orders over $200 will ship with an anti-tarnish storage bag. 

What happens if I need something repaired?

Older pieces can be sent in for repolishing if you’d like them restored to their original shine. Please contact the shop here.  If an older pieces needs some TLC please contact the shop to set up a repair ticket.

Is there a return policy?

There is a 10 day window to notify us of any defect or repair issues. These will be handled on a case by case basis. Do not hesitate to reach out.


Consultations & Custom Orders

Blavk does custom a little differently.
For a full break down of the custom process visit the consult page. 

Below are  FAQs specifically about spirit divined custom pieces

How are consultations conducted?
Due to COVID-19 all consultations will be done over video and or email.

How long does the process take?
The turn-around time will vary based on circumstances surrounding the custom piece.

What is the cost for this process?
Pricing is done on a sliding scale as I believe everyone should have access to healing. BIPOC folks will be prioritized.  The intake form will specifically address cost.

Is there a limit on how many of these customs you will accept?
Divining and conjuring involve every fiber of my being. Currently I‘m only accepting 3 requests for these types of customs a month.

Will I be able to pick what style of jewelry is created?
Yes, your preferred jewelry style can be noted on the sign-up form.

What is a sigil?
Sigils are custom symbols that use the energetic essence of words and/or figurative images to direct intention.

How long have you been practicing?
I am clairsentient, meaning I can pick up information and messages through feeling. Sometimes the answers appear in my mind without prio
r knowledge of a situation or subject. I have been reading tarot for the last 3 years and practicing the art of candle magic for 5 years.