For the majority of 2020 I’ve worked closely with Lapis Lazuli. Taking it upon myself to strengthen my voice and share that medicine with those who are interested.

If 2020 has shown us anything its that it is vital to our collective survival and liberation to speak up. Use your voice and personal privilege to name and call out the injustice that have been going on around us.

Nothing happening this year is new to those of us that live at the intersection of multiple marginalized identities. Yet we continue to use our voices to check those around us who choose to remain blind to police brutality, white supremacy and the decline of the earth we inhabit.

This most recent offering of OOAK pieces includes the presence of dendritic gems, rutilated quartz, azurite, green tourmaline and other high vibrational quartz. If you have spent 2020 using your voice to it’s fullest potential I encourage you to take a moment to check in with self. Where did you let ego take over? Where were you not honest with yourself about your role in perpetuating white supremacy? Am I growing in love for my community, the land and towards myself?

May these pieces help you reach understanding, connection, love and compassion.

“So be it, See to it”
- Octavia Butler