Rivers & Landmasses
A still forming thought on the connection through water and the erasure of nation states. 

Midi Landmass Ring

Landmass Ring

Landmass Band

Kundalini Rising 
Serpentine Meditation Rings 

Landmass Hoop Earrings

Landmass Bracelet

Landmass Adjustable Necklace

Minimalist Wear
These pieces were birthed during the creation of the Come Tender collection and the first Lapis Lazuli collection of the year. Made with the intention to shift and push energy towards the wearer’s highest good and strength. 

Oval Link Toggle Bracelet 

Oval Link Toggle Chain 

Tuning Fork Ring 

U Hoop Earrings 

Neptunian Earrings

Neptunian Ring 

Blank Saddle/Signet Ring 

Squiggle Necklace

Come Tender
This collection was crafted specifically using the minerals Pink Tourmaline and Blue Apatite and utilizes the ‘U’ shape to direct the energy of tenderness. Pink Tourmaline harnesses a gentle energy that focuses on the heart chakra and the joy that comes from trusting in the power of love.  Blue Apatite acts to compliment the tourmaline as an equally gentle energy bringing forth mental clarity and communicating with love. To learn more about how to foster tenderness in your life I’ve created a workbook to examine its place in your life. 

Crystal Point Necklace

Crystal Tuning Fork Necklace

Crystal Tuning Fork Ring